Colorado Springs Best Odor Control

Do you have nasty odors coming from your carpet and don’t know the source or how to remove the smell? Let the premier carpet cleaning company in Colorado Springs solve your carpet odor problems. 60% of Americans own an animal, and at some point, they are faced with an odor nuisance. Especially while potty training a puppy, there a multiple times where your carpet will be saturated with urine. Even though you may clean it up quickly, as the urine embeds in your carpet fibers, the stain and smell will intensify over time. Regardless of the incident, our certified technicians are trained at locating the source of the odor and treating it accordingly. Our team will do the following:

– Inspect the room/home for pet odors using ultraviolet light
– Apply pre-treatment to affected areas
– Use our proven process to flush the area to remove bacteria
– Employ a hot water extraction to permanently treat area
– Apply stain remover and dry carpet

Call A Carpet Doctor if your carpet odor is out of control! 

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