Colorado Springs Best Carpet Restretching

Not only do we meet all of Colorado Springs carpet cleaning needs, we also specialize in carpet re-stretching. Do you have wrinkles on your carpet that need to be stretched out? Unfortunately, some carpet installers don’t do the job correctly in the first place, so there may be a bubbled appearance or misaligned seams. We can deconstruct the seam and rebuild it to professional standards. When we enter a house with carpet that is full of ripples and bumps, we leave with the slack being fully removed, leaving your carpet smooth and visually pleasing. No matter the problem, we are your one stop shop for carpet repair Colorado Springs. Contact A Carpet Doctor today! 

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Get Your Carpet Re-stretched Today!

Does your carpet have bumps, buckles or waves? Or, has it pulled away from a threshold or just seem loose and sloppy looking? A Carpet Doctor has extensive experience in re-stretching carpets for over 14 years.
We take on the smallest of jobs or entire homes. Easy to work with and friendly, we are willing to help you with large furniture moving or multi-phase a project.
A Carpet Doctor uses a hydraulic power stretcher to stretch your carpets drum tight. We normally trim from 1” o 3” off most rooms.
Very knowledgeable and accustomed to re-stretching difficult hallway areas, stairs and rooms with angle walls.
Take advantage of our experience and attention to detail, plus a two year written warranty!
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