Carpet Repair Colorado Springs Company

Carpet service has come a long way. Carpet repair was not a thing before, but nowadays with the right techniques, materials and patience, that tear in your carpet can be repaired and look as if it was never damaged. It is not an easy process and experience is needed, but it is very doable. So if you have some damage done to your carpet and have wondered if it could be fixed, the answer is yes (most of the time). Contact us now to find out how.

Carpet Repair Colorado Springs Company

In addition to carpet and upholstery cleaning, many people need their carpet repaired too. This is a delicate process that we have mastered over the years of seeing every type of problem. If your carpet looks like it is coming apart, it’s most likely because the seams in your carpet are not glued together properly. When your carpet is first installed, many pieces of carpet are actually glued together from wall to wall. Over time, or if installed improperly, the seams will deteriorate. We re-glue the seams back together with a strong adhesive that will keep your carpet looking outstanding for years to come. If you need any type of carpet repair Colorado Springs area, contact A Carpet Doctor today! 

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A Carpet Doctor specializes in carpet repairs of all kinds.
We repair holes, tears, and rips in carpets caused by dogs, cats, and sometimes even bunnies. Your carpet takes a beating daily. From wear and tear, furniture and the loveable pets we mentioned above. Accidents do happen and there are times that a carpet can rip or be ripped. If this happens to you, keep calm, A Carpet Doctor is here. Whether it is in the middle of the room, on the sides of the stairs, or in the closet, we can fix the carpet and make it unnoticeable in most cases.

We stand behind our work with a 2 year warranty on all carpet repairs. With 14 years’ experience and a perfectionist attitude, A Carpet Doctor has gained a reputation as one of the most detailed repairmen in the business. Very popular with renters and property managers and we have even been referred by competitors in the industry. We have also helped many tenants and landlords save thousands of dollars, avoiding replacement costs and major inconveniences. We treat every customer equally. No matter if your job is small or large, we will work on your carpet with the same sense of urgency. Our corrective inserts, “patches”, will withstand normal foot traffic, vacuuming and even steam cleaning. If no left over matching carpet is available for the repairs we can take it from a closet and replace the closet carpet with a remnant we provide. As you can see, we will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Our techniques work. We have the experience and know-how to get the job done correctly and we get it done fast.

The Carpet Repair Company You Can Trust

If you have ever questioned if that nasty tear in your carpet can be repaired, you can rest assured that A Carpet Doctor is the carpet repair colorado springs you want to work with. We make every step with precision so that the area is being repaired will be unnoticeable. Our carpet repair company has many years of experience and understands how intricate repairing a carpet can be. In order to achieve the end result expected from our customers, we apply the repair process in a careful manner while working quickly. Our end game is to get your carpet repaired in timely fashion so that you can proceed with your day to day as if we were never there. When you hire A Carpet Doctor, you are hiring a company you can trust.

So if you would like some help with your Carpet Repair Colorado Springs, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and contact us, or you can simply fill out the form on this page and one of our agents will respond to you as quickly as possible. Here at A Carpet Doctor, we are known for our high quality results and friendly customer service. There is a reason why people refer us to their friends and family whenever a carpet service is needed. We pride ourselves on that. We want to ensure that the end result matches and/or exceeds your expectations. Got a carpet problem? Regardless if it is a carpet repair Colorado Springs or carpet cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Our agents are standing by to help you.