Pro Rug Cleaning Services

Remember how you loved the way your carpet looked when you first bought it? Love it again, just as much. when you have it professionally cleaned by the experts at A Carpet Doctor!

Your area rugs, just like your carpets, get dirty and stained from daily use. Treat your rugs the same as your carpets with a professional rug cleaning that will leave them looking great. Whether you own one area rug in your living room or several throughout the house, including outside rugs, A Carpet Doctor can make them look like new!

Rugs of different sizes, shapes, and materials all fall under our rug cleaning services, so call us today when your rugs need professional attention.

Pro Rug Cleaning Services

Our rug cleaning techniques and solutions depend largely on the size of and material your rugs are made of, which we take into account before we ever touch the rug in question. We work on everything from fine oriental heirloom rugs to a standard mud stopping mat and everything in between.

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Our state of the art cleaning equipment and biodegradable cleaning solutions are tough enough to get out the most stubborn stain yet gentle enough that they don’t cause damage to the rug itself. Many DIY rug cleaners may unintentionally tear up their rugs simply because the stain was too stubborn for standard blotting techniques that work for carpet.

With our professional carpet cleaning solutions and equipment, we can have your rugs looking as fresh as ever at a very affordable rate.

What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Rug

If you find yourself between cleanings and notice a fresh spill, there are ways of treating the areas without causing more damage. Here is a helpful list of rug cleaning ideas that will help prevent awful stains from ruining your favorite area rug:

1. Clean up excess ASAP – If you dropped food or spilled liquid on your rug, quickly pick up the excess and use a clean cloth to soak up the surface spill. This will prevent an easily cleanable spill from turning into a stubborn stain.

2. Blot with cold water – many stains may need a little bit more help getting out of your rug, so first blot as much as you can up with a clean, dry cloth until you notice no more color transfer. Apply cold water to the stain and gently blot the remaining spill for a better chance of stain removal.

3. Apply a cleaning spray – before doing this, make sure to research rug cleaners and get one that will work for your particular rug material while also cleaning gently. Nothing is worse than putting an over the counter cleaning solution made with bleach on a small stain and causing a major spot that could have been prevented with better chemical handling.

When your rug is in need of cleaning and only a professional cleaning will get the job done, call A Carpet Doctor. We guarantee we can have that annoying stain or spot out of your rug in no time with a care and attention to detail that is the pride of our carpet cleaning company.